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Hello! I’m Tony Kelsey, a digital marketer and team leader with demonstrated results in growth hacking, building brands and generating impassioned customer communities. I’ve won several awards for UI design and was VP of Global Creative for an international, $1B I.T. consultancy where I oversaw digital and brand strategy. Today, I’m Vice President of Marketing for Pactimo, a premier cycling apparel brand headquartered in Denver, Colorado.

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  • Digital visionary with an intense concentration on growing awareness, activation and revenue. 
  • UX evangelist igniting engagement through captivating content, retention & referral strategies.
  • UI expert focused on behavioral psychology to maximize integrated inbound/outbound campaigns. 
  • Data junky fixated on metrics, testing and optimization to stimulate growth flywheel.

As a zealous digital marketer and growth hacker, I thrive on the art of optimization to achieve scalable results. ”  

Tony Kelsey

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Once A Man Indulges

This spiraling detective noir explores addiction and post-traumatic stress through the eyes of a man as he comes to terms with love, loyalty and deceit. It raises the question; how far will one man go to be true to himself?

Kelsey proves to be a sharp storyteller, layering his narrative with suspense and romance and rounding out his characters with vivid traits and enough backstory to make them feel fully formed.” — Kirkus Reviews 

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