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J.C. Penney — AHHHHHHHHHHHH! (The Ad from Hell)

J.C. Penney has a new ad running on T.V. that is probably the most annoying thing I have seen since the dreaded AT&T commercial that was airing last October.

Watch it and see for yourself, however, I caution you to turn your volume down a little.

On one hand I’d like to ask, “What were they thinking!?” It hardly even makes sense (why are they screaming exactly?) and is truly obnoxious on a sensory overload level.

On the other hand though, it was pretty darn clever.  It sure made you sit up and take notice. I know I sat bolt upright when it came screaming on my TV last night.

There I was, half-lidded and slumbering through something (I think it was Up All Night) when it shook me to a height of awareness I haven’t experienced since I nearly got ran over by a city bus, mindlessly strolling across the 16th Mall.

Today the Internet is on fire today with people blogging and commenting on it, and I’m pretty sure it’s water cooler talk in a lot of offices across the country.

But, everyone’s talking about J.C. Penney, aren’t they?

It made an big, immediate impact.

Of course it’ll never be anything that the “Just Do It,” “Where’s the Beef” or “Think Different” ads were. And for that reason, and the sheer annoyance level, I’d think the marketers at Penney’s would be smart enough to give it a short run time and be done with it. After all, there’s a brand backlash movement brewing out there already. People are saying they will never shop at J.C. Penney’s again. That might just be talk right now, but if that ad keeps airing, it could turn into a reality.

While I feel strongly about it too, finding the mind-numbing screeching truly horrific, it will never compare to the insipid AT&T ad that insults its own clients.

What do you think? Is the Penney’s ad the worst ever?


10 thoughts on “J.C. Penney — AHHHHHHHHHHHH! (The Ad from Hell)

  1. Sue White says:

    My husband and I hate the new Penny commerical with all the screaming. He said you could replace waterboarding of prisoners with that commercial. The first time I heard it I laughed, but by the third time it became repulsive. If I have to hear it very much more I might not ever shop at Penny’s again. This ad is not a winner people.

  2. That truly has to be THE AD FROM HELL! It is by far the worst, most annoying, sickening, excuse for an ad. It is the dumbing down of the advertising agency that feels they have to annoy the public to get their attention. They did all right. To the extent that I wouldn’t set foot into J.C. Penny’s after that stupid screaming BS. To heck with waterboarding, just strap a pair of headphones on a suspect and play that ad 3-6 times and they will cop to anything! J.C.Penny, do your former customers a favor and trash that stupid crass excuse of an ad.

    • Maybe they pulled it already as I didn’t see it last night…oh, but then again, I was watching HBO, that wonderful sanctity free from ads. Oops! Should a marketing guys be saying such things…!

  3. Sadly, not only will we have to wait until the date given at the end of the ad, we might even be forced to join F***b**k to know the answer! (Sorry, no-can-doo)

    • It looks like Penney’s is running a shorter and different cut of the ad now. I’ve seen it three times tonight and it’s not quite as offensive as the original version. Was it changed as a result of the backlash? I doubt it. And it is still mindlessly obnoxious.

  4. Tim Fisher says:

    The JC Penney screaming commercial is easily the most annoying and ridiculous commercial I have ever had to watch. I am grateful that I have a mute button on my remote and I can’t get to it fast enough when this stupid commercial starts. I am embarrassed to be of the same species as the morons responsible for putting such garbage on TV. My JC Penney’s credit card had been destroyed and I will NEVER step foot in the place again. Anyone that has anything to do with getting this commercial on the TV should be standing in the unemployment line.

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