Digital Marketing Explained

For anyone who is trying to get a grip on the rather confusing term “digital marketing,” I suggest picking up a copy of Digital Marketing: Strategies for Online Success by Godfrey Parkin.

Mr. Parkin does an excellent job in pulling it all together and breaks down the complex subject into easy-to-understand points and presents a comprehensive guide for success in the ever-changing world of marketing.

Some of what I consider the highlights are:

  • He gives an essential step-by-step process for developing low-risk business strategies.
  • There is a really good section on designing a website so that it can work as a successful business tool.
  • Guidelines demonstrate how to maximize the effectiveness of search engines, email marketing and online advertising.
  • The social media (or “Buzz Marketing”) chapter provides not only great ideas on how to leverage the social media beast, but includes some really compelling examples from companies that have made great progress in that realm.
  • And, Mr. Parkin gives really good advice on how to expand business brand awareness and increase sales…so it isn’t just focused on the marketing foo-foo fun stuff, but gets right down to the bottom line.
Pick it up if you have a chance. The chapter on putting together a marketing strategy has become a user guide of sorts for me.

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