About Me

Hi – I’m Tony.

While I have worked in nearly every capacity of marketing and creative, and have a wide array of skills in both ABM and lead generation for B2B and igniting customer activation in B2C, it’s the mechanisms of growth that fuel my passion.

I love the continuous challenge of optimization, and how every iteration stimulates broader awareness and deeper engagement. I thrive on performance data and metrics that concentrate focus for the marketing flywheel, and excel when collaborating with cross-functional teams to frame strategies that generate desire. 

When you put the customer or user first in the equation you have a focal point for content and engagement, and when those are in sync you’re going to see heightened retention and an increase in referrals.

That’s when it gets really fun.

Prior to my life in marketing, I served 12 years in the US Marine Corps as a combat air controller, attending the prestigious Navy Fighter Weapons School (aka Top Gun). Many of my experiences in the Marines make their into my writing, and play a key part of the protagonist’s outlook in my novel Once A Man Indulges.

When I’m not thinking or writing about marketing, or pounding away on another novel, I like to get out on my bike or travel the world with my wife.

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