Once A Man Indulges - Neo Noir Detective Mystery

Fast-paced detective story. Murder. Deceit. Love. How far will one man go to be true to himself?

5 Star“An exhilarating and fun read!” — Amazon Review

Haunted by experiences he had as a Marine Corps fighter pilot, a persistent injury and a litany of self-doubt, Harry Thorpe is making ends meet as a private detective in 1949 Denver, specializing in cases that typically involve stolen goods and cheating spouses. All that changes when the Mighty Marquand, a national hero and Harry’s overbearing flying mentor, shows up and slaps a crisp thousand dollar bill on the desk. Marquand needs Harry to get at the source of some threatening letters – at any cost.

At every turn and twist, Harry finds he must juggle his loyalty to the imperious Marquand with his own better judgement, while also balancing a tenuous friendship with a persistent cop named Greenberg. When the investigation thrusts Harry into the underworld, he is confronted by Johnny Two-Nose, an explosive mob enforcer who vies to steer every step ahead. Harry must make a series of decisions that leave him reeling as he encounters unpredictable mobsters, secretive Nazi sympathizers and a woman he wants to love, but is not sure he can trust.

This spiraling detective noir explores addiction and post-traumatic stress through the eyes of a man as he comes to terms with love, loyalty and deceit. It raises the question; how far will one man go to be true to himself?

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“Kelsey proves to be a sharp storyteller, layering his narrative with suspense and romance and rounding out his characters with vivid traits and enough backstory to make them feel fully formed.” — Kirkus Reviews (read entire review)

“This is a noir thriller like few others, pushing beyond the two-dimensional stereotypes of that oft-dusty genre to deliver a thought-provoking tale that seems both nostalgic and contemporary.” — Self-Publishing Review (read entire review)

“Packed with intriguing characters and jaw-dropping crimes, Once A Man Indulges is a piece so realistic you’ll be able to taste the cigarettes and black coffee.” — Indies Today (read entire review)

“I would not hesitate to recommend this novel to fans of well-written and immersive mysteries, and fans of hardboiled detective stories.” — Readers’ Favorite (read entire review)


5 Star“Super catchy read and I could see it being a blockbuster movie!”
5 Star“Highly entertaining with twists and turns and an unpredictable finish.”
5 Star “One of those books that you can’t put down but you don’t want to finish.”
5 Star “Outstanding read. Kelsey has a strong writing style that is polished, clear and compelling.”
5 Star “Excellent writing, superb character and world-building … I loved this book! “

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